Archery Tag the Hunger Games way

For 1.5 hour playing, ................... 1000/-

How we play Archery Tag

We play the “Hunger Games”-way. We play in teams of two. The aim of the game is to eliminate all the other teams.

When somebody gets hit anywhere on his body or even on his bow he is considered dead. He then shouts “dead” and takes his cap off (so anyone sees that he is dead). Every player has 3 lives. You got a life ring for every life. So when you are shot, you take the cap off and go and throw one of your life-rings in the “life-basket”. You then leave quickly the combat ring (tires ring). As soon as you are outside, and if you still have a life ring remaining, you are back in the game. Put your cap on and continue.

When all your lives are gone, you are out of the game. But you are allowed to collect lives from the “life-bucket”. You can even share lives with your team partner.

Every player has initially 3 arrows. When you are out of arrows you have to collect arrows. You can collect as many as you want and can also share them with your team partner.

1) No shooting or collecting life-rings or arrows when you are dead.
2) No leaving the combat area while alive and no surrender.

The easiest way to shoot somebody is while he is loading his arrow. So work together and cover your partner while he is cocking his arrow.

Most of our guest just step-in for Go-Kart or Paintball or Archery Tag

Although on busy days we recommend to make a booking or you might risk to wait for up to an hour. Please book below your time slot. As long as you arrive on time you can go straight to the track.

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You find us in Mombasa North-Coast, along Mombasa-Malindi Road, 1.5 km after hotel Whitesands, just next to the Petrocity station. There is a big signboard with two flags on the main road.